Current members:

Prof. Omer Dushek (PI)
Prof. P. Anton van der Merwe (PI)
Dr. Mikhail Kutuzov (Postdoc)
Dr. Jesús Siller Farfán (Postdoc)
Jordan Kramer (D.Phil student)
Kirtana Sivasubramanian (D.Phil student)
Alina Shomuradova (D.Phil student)
Sofia Bustamante Eguiguren (D.Phil student)
Jose Cabezas Caballero (D.Phil student, joint with Mark Howarth)
Anna Huhn (D. Phil student)


We collaborate with a large number of laboratories, including
We are part of a wider community of immunology in Oxford that regularly organises local meetings and events (see Oxford Immunology).
We recently held an infection and immunity symposium (Autumn 2023, photo on right) 

Past Members (lab position, next position):

Violaine Andre (Postdoc, MatchBio Ltd)
Michael Barton (Postdoc, MatchBio Ltd)
Ashna Patel (D.Phil in 2023, Blueyard Capital)
Jake Burton (D.Phil in 2022, CodingBio Ltd)
Enas Abu Shah (Postdoc, Adaptimmune Ltd)
Johannes Pettmann (D.Phil in 2021, GSK Inc)
Robert Smith (Postdoc, Faculty at Wageningen University)
Citlali Solis Salas (D.Phil in 2021, Met Office)
John Nguyen (D.Phil in 2020, Theragent Inc)
Stephanie Gaglione (MSc in 2019, PhD at MIT)
Federico Paoletti (D.Phil 2019, Founder of ExoGene Ltd)
Philipp Kruger (D.Phil in 2019, Novartis)
Nicola Trendel (D.Phil in 2019, McKinsey)
Melissa Lever (D.Phil in 2015, Postdoc)
Himadri Mukhopadhyay (D.Phil in 2015, Postdoc)
Group Photo (right, 2019)